Gunner Q’s recent article on Substack, “Vince Foster’s Arkancide And the Silencing of Alternative Medicine” (archive PDF here), is an excellent read. So I decided to make a comment, and wouldn’t you know, I’m banned from Substack. I think I’ve commented there something like two or three times.

My guess is that when Catacomb Resident was targeted and banned (once and twice), I got carried along with him. I had commented on a couple of his posts with some of the Book of Revelation interpretations that I post here. I had also commented about the coming Solar Micronova and pole shift, which as you know makes me a conspiracy theorist and a crank. Or maybe I just got banned because I had only commented on an author who got banned.

I’m not going to appeal. I’m not going to grovel for having the audacity to do nothing wrong, indeed to spout the truth.

It’s a shame that I can’t post comments on Gunner Q’s work, but it’s also a shame that Gunner Q doesn’t self-host. His host is his enemy, who is at odds with his mission.

"Active Persecution [..] In early 2023, Derek Ramsey removed Σ Frame from the list of links on his blog’s sidebar and since then he has made a game of derailing the discussions at Σ Frame.  In spite of this shade, his blog was the third largest referrer in 2023." — Jack on "Signs of Demise?" @ Sigma Frame blog.
The primary sources of persecution for the Sigma Frame blog.
If someone runs a blog on Substack or WordPress and hasn’t ever been banned by the platforms, they are probably not threatening the official narrative.[1] Catacomb Resident and Gunner Q have both been banned twice, but Dalrock—who notably bowed to his WordPress masters by explicitly refusing to deadname—never was. Toad’s Hall was shut down by WordPress, and Dark Brightness was censored more than once (three times?).

Some churches closed their doors in 2020. Some did not.

There is persecution and then there is persecution.

Take note.


[1] Contrary to the Manosphere’s belief, the Red Pill simply isn’t all that threatening to the official narratives of identity politics (including race and gender), climate alarmism, the health care stuff Gunner Q was talking about,  abortion rights, etc. Much more threatening is opposing blankslatism, which will get you fired from your professorship or (if you are a scientist) unpublished. The globalist agenda simply doesn’t care about the Red Pill, but it cares very deeply if you peer too closely at crime and education statistics and… notice. If you deny universal biological similarity, you’re more likely to be called a racist and censored.

A blogger can say “women should be under the authority of men” and just be laughed at. It’s no threat. Want to post “Christian” porn? Be their guest. But if a blogger repeatedly deadname or promote detransitioning, they’ll risk bans. If you point out that 13% commit 52% of the crimes, or claim that one in four black men have a felony on their record in their lifetime, you’ll be flagged as a white supremacist (unless you are Bernie Sanders). Go ahead, manosphere, try to do a series of articles on those things and see what happens: find out if you really are a target.


  1. Lastmod

    Dalrock was not removed from wordpress because he did not discuss “discipline” of women on his blog. That word itself is very vague of what it could mean. In the household of marriage? Church discipline? Discipline in the sense of dating? Vetting? By words? Actions?

    He mentioned this a few times or “vaguely” mentioned that he would not discuss this. He walked a razors edge and it worked.

    He actually was pretty smart here because if he actually did “discipline” women instead of men who disgreed with him, his blog would have been shut down. I dont know the deatils, I am sure he had “strikes” or “warnings” leveled on him from Worpress over the years. It would not surprise me.

    My own blog, that had ten subscribers at its peak was even give a “strike” once. I was hardly threatening the “applecart” of the world. It was about “incels” and I am sure it wasnt some “feminist” who reported me. It was a “real man” who didnt like some of my takes because we all know, men who are *not* Incels know WAY more about it that people who actually live it.

    Red Pill is “mainstream” now despite them crying daily on how “their message isnt getting out” and its hadly a “dangerous” message. The reason why it isnt dangerous is as long as they get their definition of masculinity (the gym, talking to women, flirting with women, getting IOI’s, how many women find them attractive, Game, a man cave, a place to talk about how awesome they are, how cool they are, smearing and outright degrading their fellow men who are not as amazing as they are) women will allow this.


    Because it still shows these men need female validation, and they are willing to give it ten fold in all they say and do.

    A dangerous Red Pill blog or v-blog would be actually having men meetup to discuss ANYTHING besides women.

    Their view of the world is sex, getting sex, getting recognition, bragging, and giving females attention. Its a facade of the puffed up masculinity that women *like* and its a topic that can just go on and on. Women love the fact that men are talking about them as a whole on places like that.

    1. Derek L. Ramsey

      “Because it still shows these men need female validation [..] Women love the fact that men are talking about them as a whole on places like that.”

      Once again, you’ve nailed the heart of the issue. They are not a threat.

      The biggest threat to the narrative is going your own way. This is precisely what Gunner Q, Catacomb Resident, and Dark Brightness all have in common. To wit:

      “A dangerous Red Pill blog or v-blog would be actually having men meetup to discuss ANYTHING besides women.”

      This is the essence of Bruce Charlton’s and William James Tychonievich’s points:

      “There’s an old country song from the eighties that uses “As long as old men sit and talk about the weather / As long as old women sit and talk about old men” to mean “forever.” No one would have dreamt of reversing the genders in that last clause.”

      On Twitter, I keep running into women are complain about men who go their own way. They complain that men don’t open the door for them. They hate it when men refuse to carry their groceries for single mothers. They hate men who play video games rather than seek out relationships with women (even though those relationships have no chance of actually happening). Men who simply ignore women and do anything else are the biggest villains of all.

      1. Lastmod

        Yes….”the MGTOW thing isnt a threat either. What is a *threat* is if all the mazing men in the sphere who wake up everyday and their routine and life is a “penthouse forum story” suddnely “quit” and went MGTOW or “their own way”

        Then we would have the gnashing of teeth, the wails, the anger and fury of women “demanding” men give them attention.

        A man like me? They dont care. Even when I had a full head of blonde hair when I was young. The men they find attractive…….yes, their world would end if men just stopped talking about them.

        The RP world is evidently full of men who are way above average looking, arrogant, cocky, very high IQ (which doesnt mean smart, btw) and have done everything and just cant help themselves with women wanting attention from them. If these men ideed *stopped*

        There would be serious female anger and a lashing out.

        Notice most sexual harassment charges in the modern American “office” are levied against average looking men. Not men like a Scott, or DS, or Jack. When attention from these men stop, that is when things get real. They, of course on these matters are clueless and have no intention of ever changing or *ignoring* or will ever stop talking about women.

        Women love it, and in true non-dangerous RP fashion, they give them exactly what they want.

          1. Liz

            Exactly Derek.
            Actually, the more “power” “authority” and whatnot a person has, the more likely they are to gain the attention of someone who wishes them harm (or a scapegoat, or a grifter).
            I knew a lot of young men who were pretty carefree back in the day who are now flag officers and are very very careful about everything. They are right to be afraid because everyone is watching.

          2. Lastmod

            So being in the military is now a “high value” man?

            I never served, so I dont know. Perhaps I could take your word for it. In the high cold-war era (1946-1973) men had to serve, and that didnt make them high value. Plenty of regular guys died in the mud in Vietnam who were not high status. DeGaulle of France once quipped “the cemeteries are filled with inconsequential men” (referring to the memorials at Omaha / Normandy). He didnt mean it in an offensive way….but being very French in a sense, he was referring to the nameless, faceless crosses and occasional star of David that marked the event in a rememberance. But the names? Their lives? How high status they were or were not? How good looking they were? It didnt mattter when he said that in 1965 and it doesnt really matter now.

            All the men in my family of the older generation served in the military, both sides (parents, grandparents, uncles, cousins….not because they wanted to, but they had no effing choice)

            My father was “stuck” in 1953 at 18. Immigration Services arrived at the family farm….knocked on the door. Cooly explained “sign up for four years of military service to fast-track your citizenship, or in a month we’re going to put you on a boat back to Poland”

            Had a “desert shield / desert storm” roommate briefly in San Francisco in 1996. He said “right when deployment was announced, all the women in mysquad suddenly got pregnant, and you know…..couldnt go to the front, or be deployed to Germany, or Saudi, or Turkey and the men in question who got them pregnant were still required to ‘do their duty’ and follow orders.”

            That behavior by the women is appalling but the men behaving like this getting them pregnant were hardly “high status” men living moral lives.

            I have heard in the military, in their courts so to speak, you are guilty and you have to prove your innocence, so of course that system is going to favor always the accusor v the accused.

            I fully admit, I have a bias against any person in the US military post 1973. I dont find most of them particularly “high value” and “high status” and by their behaviors I see and read about….no more moral or better than the men who do not serve.

          3. Liz

            What I said:
            “The military is filled with “high value” men”

            Your interpretation of what I said:
            “So being in the military is now a “high value” man?”

            There are a lot of high value men in the military.
            That does not mean every one of them is high value, nor do they become high value ipso facto via military service.
            Yes, you have bias. Thank you for admitting that.
            But your bias has blinded you to what I am actually saying.

          4. liz

            Most of my examples are going to be military examples because after over 25 years in that environment those are the examples I have.
            So, again, a LOT of high value men (who happen to be in the military) have been investigated/court martialed/dismissed from service and or command for false reasons. It doesn’t just happen to “betas” (beta in parenthesis because I don’t believe in the alpha/beta false dichotomy).

          5. Lastmod

            Perhaps so.

            I’ve never met one. Our Joint Chiefs, under-secretaries, commanders, generals…..they come before “congress” and say “white supremacy is the biggest threat to the USA” and they droan on about “language and words” and “registered Liberarians are a threat to the USA”

            The Officer class that is supposedly “high value” could do something now about it. They dont and wont. As long as their pensions, benefits, promotion cycle and the like are not affected. They may “disagree” with policies but will do nothing about it. If it came down it, the rank and file and most officers would have *zero* problem with firing on their fellow citizens if push came to shove. Two three generations ago? No, I would not have believed that. Today, yes they would.

            I still thank President Nixon for ending the draft, and I was only three when it ended.

            I do not owe a “thank you for your service” to any vet today. They volunteered. I owed taxes for the past two years to pay for bloated pensions, services and the like I can and will never get because they volunteered to go serve our nation that has pretty much ruined our national reputation abroad, especially since the Vietnam Era.

            I am sure high value men are in the military but I dont know any of them, or have seen them….and the *perception* is that they are not that effective at this point.

          6. Liz

            Well, I’m not going to argue there aren’t a lot of terrible military in general, or flag officers in particular. Not really the point either one way or the other.
            See above where you stated about martial law “guilty until proven innocent” (not precisely but it’s close enough).
            How does that match up to the assertion high value men are never accused? If anything, that proves the point. When it is easy, high value men are even more likely to be accused, since there is more to gain.
            “Show me the incentive, I’ll tell you the outcome”

            You’ve spoken again and again about “pilots” and have implied many times that you believe them to be generally high value. I’ve known quite a few pilots who have been falsely accused, and they’re not the “ugly” ones.

          7. Lastmod

            I hate flying. I dont fly well (I know, I’m not a “real man”)

            The pilot has my “respect” for the fact he has a very serious job. Skills that I do not and never will have. He has to put up with passengers like me (no, I am not a bother on the jet to him nor flight attendants).

            Does that make him “high value” yes, I suppose it does.

          8. Liz

            I hate flying too, Jason.
            (yes, and my dad, father in law, husband, and son are all pilots)
            It’s neither alpha nor beta nor anything else in that spectrum of greek alphabet.
            Some people like it, some don’t.

      2. Lastmod

        I am one of those men. I dont hold doors open for single women. I may if she is pregnant, or is a senior citizen in a walker, has a cane. I dont play video games all day but I do enjoy them.

        Again watch what these women DO, not say.

        A huge swath of men in MGTOW got tired of nuclear rejections, got tired of their christian sisters saying “no” to just a date. Got tired of playing office politics when not in the office and realized most women would never date them. AS these men age, then it became “well, something is wrong with them, they never had a gf…muts be gay or immature, or mommas boy, or is mentally iil, must be a porn addict……….” so it pushed these men further down.

        The RP world didnt help and acutally encouraged this behavior with women. I still get the blues now and then about not being a father. Not married. Not dating. It hurts deeply. I believe at one point, it could have killed me.

        Not angry, nor upset anymore. I have maybe 20 good years left. I’ll just try to have some money saved, vacations now and then. A hobby. There isnt much else I can do at this point. Why be upset about now? I will though, until I breathe my last………hate Game, PUA and many in the ‘sphere for the damage THEY did to their fellow men

        1. Derek L. Ramsey

          When I first heard of MGTOW, I didn’t think it mattered to a married man. I hadn’t realized that going your own way is not limited to those who choose not to get married. It’s about independence.

          I stopped voting. The only thing people hate more than voting for the other party is not voting at all.

          I stopped listening to mainstream “science” and its so-called experts. I did my own research, which is the greatest of all sins against group-think bureaucratic consensus.

          After the 2020 lockdowns, I finally realized completely that the growing number of apostates who rejected organized religion in the decades prior were not rejecting Christ’s church as such, but were rejecting a growing corruption of Christ. Sure they often chose another corruption of Christ or no Christ at all, but their point about the church they abandoned had mostly been correct!

          When I set up this blog initially, I knew that self-hosting was the only way to go. I was going my own way because I didn’t want WordPress to have editorial control over what I wrote. I’m too insignificant to care about, but even a nobody may one day be hit by bans from domain registrars and ISPs, like has happened for the bigger targets.

          I’ve never really embraced RP wisdom. There is too much friction between it and God’s Word. Much of the advice is actually harmful to follow.

          Yesterday I read this satire which captures this perfectly:

          “My wife discovered I’d been talking to women on dating sites *just in case* she ever decides to divorce me and she got really upset. I showed her the redpill forums where they talk about how every man needs backup options (women initiate most divorces) but she’s still mad.

          “The fact that she got so mad and is now threatening to divorce me really vindicates me being ready for it, why can’t she understand that.”

          Years ago when I brought this concept up at Sigma Frame, I was told that it was better to stand up for yourself (see what that looks like below) and get divorced than to do whatever is necessary—”cuck”—to keep the marriage intact. After all, “at least you tried to do the right thing” and “it’s not your fault if she divorces you.”

          If your approach to “fixing” your wife is to “act” like a brutish thug, then you’re not acting: you are a brutish thug (or, if that story is made-up, a liar). All that Game stuff is about portraying yourself to your wife as something and someone you are not. It’s about manipulation and misrepresentation. But I’m not about to base the success or failure of my relationship on lying. How stupid!

          Having watched Deti’s descent over the last couple of years, you can see how the Red Pill has clearly failed to serve him. I suspect his attempts to actually implement some of the advice—to stand up for himself—have made his life worse—ever closer to divorce, which he now promotes.

          1. Lastmod

            Who knows 🙂

            Marriage in the “christian sphere” has turned into studies, chart upon chart, subset to subset upon subset of terms, terminology, complex female psyco-sexual thinking and one has to have a PhD to understand it…..

            And again, the advice to men, or younger marriage minded men….marriage / sex is a upper level college course to vett, find, train, order, and study….and if it still doesnt work out?

            “this is a faith of suffering / Jesus doesnt owe your a wife / did you know Paul wasnt married? / you didnt pray or ask God in the right way”

            And the cherry on top??? None of these “laws” and systems they have setup applied to them. They just went outside and “women just started giving them IOI’s”

            If Christ indeed loved marriage as He loved the church……then that right there is the answer for men and women. Its a sacrifice. AS a man you will indeed have to give up much of yourself for that woman. No if’s and on “conditions” and women must understand the sacrificial love a man who is “promised” to her and the children.

            Everything Jesus said was relational. A walk in the garden. Father to son. Husband to wife. To children. It wasnt just a “religion” it was a way and walk of life. That walk will have problems……and they cannot be solved by a “math equation” or “psychobabble” or a study. Or a method. Both must and will submit.

            They or many of them have turned it into such a rigid control system of rules, laws, red flags, toss her to the curb statements….is it no wonder most men are locked out? Stuck? Given a near zero chance of finding a wife because of the gazillion things they *must do*. Is it no wonder women (and men) turn to more debased forms of sex, rebellion, and aposty?

            Is it no surprise the defensiveness bristles higher in women “I dont need no man” and in men with porn, Game and PUA?

            Is it no surprise the “atomization” of the culture continues? In “1984” When Winston Smith was in detention, it was explained to him “We will eliminate the ability of men and women to pair bond! We will debase and destroy the orgasm til it is useless. ” Hence the massive ammounts of porn……the “celibacy” cults within the Party and the divisive anger Winston felt to many women and the women screaming the loudest at the “two minutes of hate”

            Over and over, the ‘sphere claims women have agency! They need to be held responsible! But by their own action, and all the books and blogs, and Game and everything else…..they prove women dont. They have to be molded……not by Christ or conformed by Him…..but by man and man alone.

            Very sad indeed. I am not articulate enough to explain in it in way that Scott could, or able to “break it down” and back with Scripture. I am not an inclined speaker who has the right words.

    2. professorGBFMtm

      ”Dalrock was not removed from wordpress because he did not discuss “discipline” of women on his blog. That word itself is very vague of what it could mean. In the household of marriage? Church discipline? Discipline in the sense of dating? Vetting? By words? Actions?

      He mentioned this a few times or “vaguely” mentioned that he would not discuss this. He walked a razors edge and it worked.”

      He mentioned it mainly here in as number 2 in his comment policy:”In addition to the above, avoid the following topics unless I specifically make an exception in a post:

      1.Age of consent laws. This is a guaranteed thread derailer. It is ok to reference the existence of these laws provided it is on topic, but don’t do this in such a way that would invite a discussion on what should be the proper age of legal consent.

      2.Marital corporal punishment.”

      Again that was mostly around after bgr started blogging on word press in April ’14 and obviously word press and others were confusing him with dal’.

      There was only one MAN & woman couple both formerly married to others and now in a ”disciplined” BDSM relationship that mixed game with it who had been at dalrock speaking of how women needed spankings before that but they left around Summer ’13, so it had to have been bgr that motivated dalrock to tell everyone to avoid the subject of ”Marital corporal punishment” or as WE all knew it was really code for ”wife spankings” in his comment policy by ’14/’15.

      1. Lastmod

        When I hear a comment like that (spanking) I think about that Monty Python and the “Holy Grail” movie where are those “virginal” girls at castle Anthrax (lol!!!!) demand to to be “spanked” by poor ol Sir Galahad!

        “Well….I could stay for a bit!” (lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

        And like a good Knight, ol’ Sir Lancelot comes in just in time and rescues him from the “peril”

  2. Liz

    Remember the Hamilton 68?
    It’s all connected.
    In fact, there is so much I’ve started to forget how much is out there.
    Remember the first Clinton death list was 15 people long.
    It was very incriminating. Over the years hundreds of names have been added, and most of them are obviously fraudulent. But this is how psyop works (whether it is or not, that is the mechanism….if something terrible is true the best way to deny it is deluge it with squid ink).

    1. Liz

      It is all designed to demoralize the public, and destroy communities.
      And it seems to be working (it has in the past, in other countries).
      “Me ne frego” (Mussolini’s motto, meaning “I don’t care”, essentially) is powerful stuff.

    2. Derek L. Ramsey

      Right. When it comes to so-called conspiracy theories (like the origin of covid), the truth has obviously been covered up. You’d have to be a true idiot to think that the official narrative is actually true. We know they lied and we know that they know that they lied (“for the greater good”, of course).

      The purpose of the “squid ink” cover up isn’t to hide the lie which is obvious, it is to obscure the truth. So you have many people (like the people Gunner Q referenced in his post) who come up with explanations and theories, but can’t prove anything. The purpose of the “conspiracy theorist” slur is to discredit pointing out the lie by discrediting the alternative explanation.

      But the liars are still liars, even if we don’t know precisely what the truth is.

      1. Liz

        It is disturbing. And demoralizing (though I try not to be demoralized, when I look around at the real world I live in most of the people here are good, and we help each other…it is the Narrative that no one can be trusted except government which also cannot be trusted).
        The Father of Lies is pleased with the way things are going, I’m sure.

        1. Lastmod


          I just saw a recent go-around again on the other blog with you, Deti and EoS about what is a “chad” and what isnt.

          This is the modern ‘sphere, the love to see the hamster run ragged. They shift streams and then change what it means on certain situations, and contexts and what said king said to said what saint, apostle, martyr, or what patriarch said to what vassal or what Rollo said v what Roosh said as to what Vox said.

          Clear as mud. I know.

          Chad is a loose term meaning:

          The guy who pretty much has no problem dating, getting sex, female attention, company IOI’s, getting flirted with daily. He just cannot help it. Women just keeping wanting his time, attention, baby, him naked….anything. It’s not his fault. God just blessed him with these natural looks, charisma, and options…………it usually is in reference to man who is young (twenties to mid thirties)

          Every guy in the other forum will say “how much they are not a Chad” and then go on to explain how daily that they indeed are, without using the word “Chad”

          Chad is white. But An asian “Chad” is usually referred to as a “Chang”. A black Chad a “Tyrone” . Middle east? That’s an “Abdul” and Latin would be a “Jose”

          They embody youth, raw sex appeal and arrogance. Chad has zero consequences for his bad behaviors to and with women.

          As “Chads” get older, the smarter ones of course are the handsome pilot, the daring surgeon, the fire fighter, the hot cop, and of course the “cowboy” who somehow makes a great living from being just a “farmhand” on the local farm. Also, banker with good hair….the hip “tech start-up guy”. All backed by physical good looks.

          They knew from a young age (teens) the effect they had on women and girls by the chance roll of their good looks. They never will understand the plight their fellow brother had to go through and deal with in this area of life. They also are not that concerned.

          “its their own fault” / “move to Ukraine” / “Go to the gym” / “Go up and talk to women, and introduce yourself, worked for me!”

          In the other forum, all the men are a bit older for the most part, they claim they were never “chad” or like him at all. Then, then talk about all the behaviors of a Chad and talk like him, act like him……go on and on on how when they were younger…..all the options they had or could have had.

          Then they try to relate to the loser / cucked class of men: “You’re just lazy / cuck / blue pilled thinking”

          Of course, they know a gazillion men that are 5’2″ and balding but date hot, friendly, amazing women because of the amazing game they have and they go to the gym and got a STEM degree”

          The shuffle and slight of hand by these frauds is awful and a disservice to men seeking help. They distance themselves from “PUA and early Game” and do the same exact thing by talking smack about other men…..many of which could not help their genetics.

          Dangerous people indeed. My advice Liz is to stay off that forum. I may not like the military in general, but at least I’m upfront and honest about any personal bias I have.

          These men only can lecture in sanctimonious tones. Funny too…for all the “masculinity” they claim to own and corner the market on…..they cannot seem to get you to agree with them.

          Funny. I though women respond to “leadership” and “authority” and these mighty men of God can’t seem to make you *obey* and accept their flimsy defenses. 😉

          1. Lastmod

            Again for a basic cultural reference. The TV show “House” (I actually watched this show frequently back then). Here House and fellow doctors go “speed dating” (a big trend early thru mid 2000’s). Yes, I am guilty, tried it as well in San Francisco in my early to mid thirties. Here House talks about “your looks” pretty much matter A LOT to women for initial chances. Funny clip.


          2. Liz

            Thanks Jason, that is good advice (to stay off that forum).

            Also thanks for that funny clip! LOL
            I should try watching House, I’m looking for another show that is entertaining and not too depressing/dark. It seems a tall order now, there are a lot of good dramas but they’re not happy stories. I want happy stories.

            Side note: Good Lord I cannot imagine what “speed dating” would be like. I don’t think I’d do well in the dating world anyway. The only time I went to a “night club” without Mike it was with his sister, for my “bachlorette party”. I’d have rather stayed home and polished a turd. Really pretty much went from living with my parents to living with Mike, not much overlap.

            I think I did date a chad once (just going by the commentary). I was 16, he was 18. My first boyfriend (no sex so maybe that’s not a boyfriend in the meatspace).
            Our date (I always paid, or went dutch…this time I paid) to some mexican restaurant. I hate cheese and asked the waitress not to put cheese on my meal, please. He started belittling me and told the waitress I shouldn’t be at a mexican restaurant if I don’t like cheese. She batted her eyes at him (surely thinking he was the one paying), agreed…they made light banter. She started massaging his shoulders and told him he was muscular. Anyway, the meal went pretty much like that with those two flirting. I paid (left her a good tip). I guess that was supposed to make me feel super turned on. Or something. Think he’s been married 3 times now. My loss I’m sure. LOL

          3. Lastmod


            Its kind of a dark show, and some episodes are downright sad.

            But its well done. The last season or two (like all shows that have a good run) are weak compared to the earlier seasons. I liked “Mad Men” mostly for the style, design of the period (1960’s). That crew did their homework, it was done perfectly on those matters. Some of the stories were great. Some were weak and one season was actaully terrible.

            Speed Dating. It must have been 2002? 2003? I was dragged to it by a few guy friends in San Francisco. It was dumb. And true to this “House” clip, the two to three very attractive men got all the interest cards. A few guys got a couple. Me and my friends? Well, it was “better luck next time”

            Also, for the speed dating…men had to pay $20.00 to participate. Women of course did not have to pay. The gripes from the women after it was over “no men came tonight” (meaning, no or not enough HOT men came tonight)

  3. GBFM told me what happened; there was no notice on my side of the blog. You can comment by e-mailing to me at gunnerq at for reposting; that’s a patchwork solution but my blog is quiet enough it can work.

    I would self-host if I could. My housing situation in Commiefornia is minimal.

    1. Derek L. Ramsey


      “You can comment by e-mailing to me”

      Thank you. I’ll take you up on this the next time I want to comment.

      I lost whatever comment I made, and I think it was mostly just to agree with you anyway (which I’ve already done here).

      “I would self-host if I could.”

      I’d offer to host it for you on my personal mini-server, but what could I say that would make you want to trust me with that? But if you are interested, just let me know.


      1. Thank you for the offer! I’ll stay on SS for now, but let me look you up when they ban me, too. I didn’t switch to SS because I was spoiled for choice.

        Evil Overlord List #167: “If I am recruiting to find someone to run my computer systems, and my choice is between the brilliant programmer who’s head of the world’s largest international technology conglomerate and a blacklisted conspiracy theorist, I’ll take the crazy and let the hero get stuck with the genius.”

        BTW, I owe you an apology for an unpleasant old post of mine. I’ve begun working at giving less offense where it may not be called for. Equating ideas with persons is what the bad guys do, and I now see that I was doing it too.

        1. Derek L. Ramsey


          “I’ll stay on SS for now, but let me look you up when they ban me, too. I didn’t switch to SS because I was spoiled for choice.”

          Fair enough. If you ever need a webhost (temporary or otherwise), you can email me at

          “I owe you an apology for an unpleasant old post of mine. I’ve begun working at giving less offense where it may not be called for. Equating ideas with persons is what the bad guys do, and I now see that I was doing it too.”

          Brother, I wholeheartedly accept your apology.

          It remains true what I said the first time you publicly criticized me:

          “This is one of the genuinely nicest public criticisms of my viewpoints that I have ever received. GQ views me as a wayward brother and is trying to bring me back to the fold. It is a call to faith. There is nothing more essential one’s personal walk with God than to do this, as Jesus instructed.”

          And I said much the same recently after I responded to your post on William Wildblood’s experience with—what one can only presume—were demons:

          “I nonetheless believe that Gunner Q has a good heart.”

          I enjoy much of what you write, having read your work for many years on three of your blogs:

          I still have many of your posts from 2021 to 2023 archived in my RSS reader. In light of all that history, I’ve long believed that you are motivated by love, even if the means has not always been optimal. I am gladdened that you are trying to give less offense.


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