The Decline of Society

Castle Ruins 2

This series started life as a series of guest posts back in 2019 on a now defunct blog. Although the series was never completed, I decided to recover and restore it here.

The series proposes, from science, the reason for the decline of modern society. The series of the decline of society was originally written to explore the correlation between feminism and the decline of society, to evaluate the extent to which feminism is to blame. The topic is steeped in science, but is quite controversial. Many of the citations contained within have—ironically—been censored, making it rather hard to have a proper scientific inquiry. Such is the state for what passes as ‘science’, which has declined along with society. If truth is measured in how hard those in power strive to suppress it, then this series must have been on to something.

Part 1 — Mouse Utopia
Part 2 — Marriage and Society
Part 3 — Intelligence and Dysgenics
Part 4 — Bureaucracy
Part 5 — The Sexual Revolution
Part 6 — Beyond Nature vs Nurture

On intelligence:

Part 1 — Intelligence, Education, and Covid
Part 2 — Intelligence, Education, and Covid
Part 3 — Intelligence, Education, and Covid

Utilitarian Racism

The following related posts on feminism were also recovered.:

Part 1 — Feminism is Hell
Part 2 — The Definition of Feminism
Part 3 — The Psychology of Gender Equality

On this blog, I’ve also posted a couple specific posts examining feminism:

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Female gender bias in public schools