Solar Activity

I just read something unexpected today. Ed Hurst at Radix Fidem had this to say (although you should read the whole thing, it isn’t too long):

But if the political and economic chaos is not enough by itself, God is also moving to enhance the chaos and destruction of man-made structures. Demons are being set loose, for sure, and people are going crazy. However, nature itself will be set loose to object to all the evil around us. Natural disasters will increase dramatically; that’s already started. And we have yet to see the next Carrington Event; we are overdue for it.

This caught my attention.

Within the next 25 years or so will come a whole collection of solar catastrophes. Weather will become more extreme, with things like clear-sky lightning that scorches the ground. A part of it will include earth’s magnetic poles moving to new locations. Animals that rely on a sense of magnetic fields of navigation will end up way off course. The earth will flip its rotation to match the new magnetic pole alignment. The new poles will be just west of Indonesia and also just west of South America. Greenland will end up on the new equator. Not long after will be a new ice age.

My jaw dropped. He’s not wrong. It’s just that nobody in power is talking about this, so it isn’t well-known. I don’t know where he got his information from, but there are not that many sources for it.

The next most probable date when this will occur is around 2035, give or take a couple years, during the middle of the next solar cycle, although it could occur at any time. For more information on the science behind this, see the Suspicious0bservers website or youtube channel.

It’s true that the majority of humanity will die when our sun goes nova, but faith cannot be killed. Your heart-led walk will outlive you. It’s on our shoulders to commit ourselves ever more to walking in faith so that our witness of the gospel lives through the coming catastrophes.

It’s a micronova, not a full nova, but yeah, a lot of people will probably die, especially along the western coasts due to tidal waves and the eastern coasts due to backwash. So be prepared, physically, emotionally, and most of all spiritually. If you are one of the ones who survives the coming disaster, you’re going to be needed.

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