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Tibial Hemimelia

My daughter has bilaterial tibial hemimelia, a one-in-3-million condition. Thanks to Dr. Dror Paley and the Paley Institute, Lulu has taken a journey to walk on two feet. For more information on TH see the Tibial Hemimelia page.


monarch butterfly danaus plexippus on echinacea purpurea
Monarch butterfly photo

I’m a freelance photographer, focusing mostly on nature photography. My interest in photography started when I noticed that many Wikipedia articles lacked freely licensed high quality images. A large number of my photos have been since been used there. My work has been used in a number of books and publications, including a cover article in the American Botanical Council’s HerbalGram journal. Every so often while I’m on vacation, I’ll stop in at a botanical garden and find one of my photos used on a sign or brochure.

My work can be found here:


I hold a B.S. in Computer Science and a M.S. in Software Development and Management, both from the Rochester Institute of Technology. I am a Software Engineering Manager.


Early in the days of Wikipedia, under my user account “User:Ram-Man“, I started editing with a software program that was later named “Rambot“. I added over 33,000 articles increasing the number of Wikipedia articles by 60%. Some people think that was great and others dislike me greatly for it. Over more than a decade, there have been many mentions in magazines, books, academia, and other web articles. See the list of works.