Religion of Death

Lulu's bilateral tibial hemimelia. The feet are flipped inward and upward.
Is this low quality of life?

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America is governed by a religion of death. Moloch is god and abortion is the worship ritual. It is the primary religion of feminism.

For nearly 50 years Christians fought against Roe v. Wade. The battle lines were drawn with infanticide on the left and a nearly complete ban on the right. The stage was set for a Supreme Court showdown. The result of this showdown is likely a multi-generational inflection point even more important than the abolition of slavery and the civil rights movement.

Consider the power of images:


Pro-life supporters show pictures of aborted and unborn babies. They use memes. Some of us use images of our own children.

My adopted daughter has Bilateral Tibial Hemimelia, affecting about 1 in 2 million. In America, Doctors would have recommended that she be aborted. They would say that her deformities were grave and she would have a poor quality of life, that her genetic condition may indicate a weak heart, and that her medical treatments would be a financial and emotional drag on both family and society.


My daughter has above-average intelligence and is a natural leader. She can now walk, run, and do cart-wheels. Her heart is fine. She has never been a drag on us. She is a beautiful person, full of life. Her life has value.

Mark and Natalie Weaver’s daughter Sophia had Rett syndrome and various other problems. She was physically disfigured and had 30 surgeries. Her life had value. Their daughter’s image was used in a tweet advocating coerced abortion and they were told that their daughter should die and be put her out of her misery. Natalie Weaver is an activist feminist, yet even she saw the destructiveness and hatred of the religion of death when it hit her personally, even if she misjudged the cause. Dehumanizing those with disabilities goes hand-in-hand with dehumanizing the unborn. The inevitable result is death.

If there is any social movement that Christians should be involved in—above any other—it is this:


Throughout all of recorded history it is thought that as many as 1 billion people have died in wars. It is estimated that almost 2 billion persons have been aborted in the last four decades. Abortion is now humankind’s leading cause of death.

For all the arguments against Christianity—legitimate and illegitimate—abortion stands apart. It is the greatest evil humankind has ever wrought. If there is a problem of evil that Christianity needs to respond to, it is abortion. Moreover, abortion may not be the sole facilitator of feminism, but it is a major contributor. Thus, fighting abortion fights feminism and its fruits (e.g. frivolous divorce).

 The ritual of frivolous divorce results in the death of marriage and family. Similarly, the rituals of promiscuity and contraception prevent the formation of marriage and family, the lifeblood of society. The ritual of censorship is the death of freedom.

 Contrast this with the life of forced prostitution she likely would have had in China.

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