Rebuttals, Responses, and Replies

Many times I will read something online—an article here or a comment there—that sparks a response. Sometimes this results in a completely unrelated response (what some would term a strawman). Other times it results in a rebuttal. Even when it is a rebuttal, it is not always a polemic. Nor does it always pertain to the whole or even the part of the writing to which I refer. A comment is enough to spark many chains of thought.

This is a collection of such essays (and responses to them).

On Faith Alone

Axioms of Faith

Analyzing the axioms of sola scriptura and sola ecclesia.

Apostolic Apostasy

An excellent post written by Jack on the Sigma Frame blog that responds to my post


Roman Catholic soteriology rejects faith alone (‘sola fide‘). The Sacraments are a part of salvation. Sola fide implies the rejection of the sacraments, including marriage as a sacrament. If Sanctified Marriage is equal to Sacramental marriage, then both must be rejected.

On Marriage

“Marriage isn’t Magic”

Part 1” — What is fornication? What is marriage?
Part 2” — Are illicit acts—prostitution, incest, and polygamy—marriage?

of Fox and Green

Is marrying a young bride sufficient to ensure a life-long marriage?

On Unity

Choosing one or the other

What’s the difference between Headship Submission and Unity?

Unity in the Church

What constitutes unity in the church?