Is it Finished?

A few days ago I wrote “A Spirit of Confusion” where I described the confusion and division in the Roman Catholic Church. In particular, I discussed the possibility of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano being excommunicated.

On July 4, Vigano was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church. He has not yet been defrocked, but is forbidden from participation in most of his previous duties, such as ordinations and officiating the Mass. Vigano continued to perform Mass on the following day, in defiance of the order of excommunication.


  1. professorGBFMtm

    ”Is it Finished?”

    It’s pretty much just like the ”Manosphere” after WE were all supposed to be ”united” generic(look at SFS ”jack” for more info on that ) ”redpillers” instead of MGTOWS, MRAS & PUAS.

    &the ”Old Catholic Church” movement that ”Jack” is surprisingly mum on when he talks of ”sectarianism”,” divisions” & how the ”Christian” Roissyosphere is similar to Protestantism and yet ”The terms Old Catholic Church, Old Catholics, Old-Catholic churches,[4] or Old Catholic movement,[5] designate “any of the groups of Western Christians who believe themselves to maintain in complete loyalty the doctrine and traditions of the undivided church but who separated from the see of Rome after the First Vatican council of 1869–70″.[6]

    The expression Old Catholic has been used from the 1850s by communions separated from the Roman Catholic Church over certain doctrines, primarily concerned with papal authority and infallibility. Some of these groups, especially in the Netherlands, had already existed long before the term. The Old Catholic Church is separate and distinct from Traditionalist Catholicism.

    Two groups of Old Catholic Churches currently exist: the Union of Utrecht (UU) and the Union of Scranton (US). Neither group is in full communion with the Holy See. Member churches of the Union of Utrecht are in full communion with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden and the Anglican Communion;[7][8] and many UU churches are members of the World Council of Churches.[9][10]

    Both groups trace their beginning to the 18th century when members of the See of Utrecht refused to obey papal authority and were excommunicated. Later Catholics who disagreed with the Roman Catholic dogma of papal infallibility, as defined by the First Vatican Council (1870), were thereafter without a bishop and joined with the See of Utrecht to form the Union of Utrecht of the Old Catholic Churches. Today, Utrechter Union churches are found chiefly in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

    In 2008, the Polish National Catholic Church created the Union of Scranton and separated from the Union of Utrecht. This was done in protest of the older Union’s decision to ordain women and bless same-sex marriages. The Nordic Catholic Church later joined the Union of Scranton as well.”

    I guess all that like the TRUE ”REDPILL”&its history lives on in guys like professorGBFM, LastMOD &the newer MGTOW(who vastly outnumber the ever-shrinking & generic ”redpillers” who are ”united” in their failure to get even Trump and other holy roller republicans to go along with their ”platform” and supposed ”reforms”!)

  2. Lastmod

    I am half-Polish by my father. He grew up in countryside outside of Crakow.

    He remembered the retreating Nazis, they burned all the crops, fields, pillaged what farm equipment was left or working in order to prevent the Soviets and Poles of anything after the war…which would end in less than a year. He remembered the Soviets and new Polish Communist government collectivizing the farm which had been in the family since the 1720’s. There was nothing left in 1946. They fled to the USA.

    He was a cultural Catholic, and had this to say about the Catholic Church in general. “In Poland, the Catholic Church was the traditional protectors of the Polish language, history, art and writing. There was no Poland at all for hundreds of years. The church was the ONLY thing that kept Poland alive. Poles, even if not religious (and many are not) still defend the catholic church for this reason. Over the centuries Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and others have tried to “stamp out” Poland . Even the Nazis were careful with the Catholic church in Poland during occupation. The priests were not persecuted there or harassed during their occupation. It would have caused a bad hornets nest for them. The only thing the Nazis wanted from the Catholic churches in Poland were the birth records and heraldric information of the Polish nobility. The Nazis wanted it destroyed so a Polish nobility could never arise again. The church refused. Records of this were moved to the Vatican during the remainder of the war.”

    After the war, the Communists were forceful at keeping the church at bay, but could never repress it completely. It was a culture that was too entwined with the church. Poland is the catholic church and the catholic church is Poland. It lives on in this matter til today.

    Pope John Paul II was the first non-Italian pope in 500 years and he worked with Reagan, Thatcher and other Western leaders to subvert the communist system in Poland.

    There was a short video clip a few months ago showing over 10K Polish men in a church near Warsaw singing and praising God at a Holy Mass. All ages. It was a sight to behold. Many Poles do believe today that they, and they alone will be the protectors of the Catholic faith in Europe in the future.

    Red Pill would waste time on Scripture saying how all the Poles are “going to hell” because they are not Orthodox (they are quite hostile to it actually) or they dont “read the bible”. The Poles fully see what Protestantism has become in the rest of Europe…Holland, Germany, The UK, and Scandinavia.

    Many Polish Catholics honestly believe the Catholics in the USA, Italy, Spain and France are indeed heretics to the tradition.

        1. Derek L. Ramsey

          Every time I read your very serious comment, I think of that comic and I can’t remain serious. It’s one of the all-time best Calvin & Hobbes. Hilarious!

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