Ramsey Family in the News

The Ramsey family gets around. Members of the family have been featured in a number of news-related articles.

The story of our family’s adoptions was featured in a 2015 Philadelphia Inquirer Family Trip column. It talks about our journey to China to build our family with some amazing children through adoption.

Lulu played with Mr. Stan of The Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates (POA) in Orlando, Florida. POA posted a video of Lulu taking her very first steps on two feet! These prosthetists do amazing work. Lulu had a ‘cameo’ in a Sun Sentinel event announcement for a fundraiser to support the Quantum House. The family played baseball with members of the Jupiter Hammerheads at Quantum House too.

The DelcoTimes reported on our family when the community decided to raise money to support Lulu before she underwent extensive medical interventions on her legs at the Paley Institute.

Derek’s work on Wikipedia was covered in a number of publications as well.