Reviewing Wright’s Universal Apologia

Bowl Of Crosses

This is a review of John C. Wright’s A Universal Apologia for the Catholic Church and is part of my series on Roman Catholicism. To the best of my knowledge, there has been no publication of a formal review or refutation of Wright’s work. While Wright’s Apologia is too long to discuss every point, point-by-point, I’ve responded to many different points.

Part 1 — Introduction
Part 2 — Roman Catholicism and Anabaptism
Part 3 — The Parable of the Servants, Authority
Part 4 — Bible Canonization
Part 5 — Teachings, Part 1: Chastity, Continuity, Tradition
Part 6 — Teachings, Part 2: Infallibility
Part 7 — Church, Authority, Arguments, Persecution, War, Ignorance
Part 8 — The Rise of Heresy and Apostasy
Part 9 — Roman Catholic Eucharist, Revelation
Part 10 — Apparitions of Mary
Part 11 — Unity, Part 1: Unity and Tradition
Part 12 — Unity, Part 2: Is Unity Impossible?
Part 13 — Unity, Part 3: The Kingdom of God
Part 14 — The Origin of Roman Catholicsm

Wright’s apologia is a largely well-reasoned work, even where I agree on many details. Ultimately, however, Wright’s axiomatic assumptions lead to a position where the Apologia is really only convincing to those already inclined towards Roman Catholicism. Nevertheless, it is a rare and insightful look into why someone might embrace Roman Catholicism.