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I’ve posted almost daily now since October. It’s the longest publication streak in the history of this blog. In the process have burned through a huge pile of drafts and old material.  Most of what remains is longer-form writing that takes longer to prepare. So, my posts may be a quite a bit more intermittent for the next while. It’s also the holiday season, and family is going to take priority. There is a very good chance that I won’t post nearly as much until the new year, especially not on weekends.

I want to finish off this update with this quote:

More generally, that has been the usual way for me to learn – throw everything in, trying to make something work, and only when it has collapsed (collapsed, that is, from my POV) will I abandon it. — Bruce G. Charlton

Throw it all in and try to make something work, then learn from it when it fails. This might make a good theme for this blog, if it would take a theme.

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  1. professorGBFMtm

    ” family is going to take priority.”

    i have been heavily leaning in that direction lately too.

    ”Throw it all in and try to make something work, then learn from it when it fails.”

    This is close to the original MGTOW philosophy of ”DIY research and learning” from its official online & offline beginning -as well as my philosophy from a very early age hence why i naturally fit in the category of OG MGTOW(which originally was more about separating as much as possible from ”mainstream” society acting and thinking & not about separating from women as the latter-day versions of it say & think) from my first awareness of it decades ago now.

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