What Evil Conspiracy?

In the last 60 years the Supreme Court of the United States has had exhibited two trends: the number of both unanimous decisions and 5-4 split decisions has grown to historical highs. All the stuff in between is in decline.

It is in those split decisions where the problem lies. The court is, time after time, ruling across ideological grounds. This is not desirable, nor is it the duty of the Supreme Court. Scott Greenfield summarizes it perfectly:

The public appears to have accepted the premise that the Supreme Court is a sham, voting in ideological blocks to achieve the political values of the public. This was never its purpose. It’s not a smaller version of Congress, or an adjunct of the Executive.

This is a serious cause for concern as anywhere from one (Scalia) to four (Ginsburg, Kennedy, Breyer) replacements will be appointed by the next president. There is a non-trivial likelihood that  the court will become a ‘supermajority’, able to push its ideology without restraint. And the new president will be hostile towards Christianity. There is no good election outcome. Evil will be allowed, even encouraged, to thrive.

The differences between left and right, liberal and conservative, are not terribly meaningful. The ultimate destination, towards evil, is the same. Professor Bruce G. Charlton writes that the truth behind the global conspiracy theories is spiritual warfare:

Conspiracy theorists are correct in that there is an evil global cabal – but incorrect concerning the motivation of this cabal…


…the true agenda of evil is not just beyond their [modern Western populations’] belief, but beyond their comprehension – lacking God, they cannot recognise nor understand the nature of evil (and are, indeed, inclined to deny its truth and rationality).

It is not a coincidence that this presidential election pairs historically bad candidates with a critical need to maintain balance and political neutrality in the court. The spiritual battle is being waged in front of us for all to see. Never before has this been so clear:

Almost every voter – on both sides – will feel ashamed and soiled by their participation, and thereby somewhat opened to the possibility of a spiritual awakening; while every deliberate abstainer will be to that extent alienated from the political process, and significantly less complicit in the ruling evil conspiracy — a little more free, a little more independent.

Will there be an awakening? I don’t know. Already some are recognizing both the spiritual reality and the fact that they have less political influence than they assumed. It is likely that the Supreme Court is already lost. There is no hope in politics. We must focus instead on saving the church.

See what is happening for what it really is: a battle between good and evil. Charlton is absolutely correct when he states that the unbeliever is not only unable to see it for what it is, but likely hostile towards that point of view. We must, therefore, do our part to see for those that cannot. We must stand strong and be there to pick up the broken pieces.

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