Proof of God in DNA


In this multi-part series, I discuss the evidence for the existence of God from DNA. In this series I show how DNA implies the existence of a creator and how the evidence cannot easily be explained by science alone.

DNA-as-information, Part 1 — The macro case
DNA-as-information, Part 2 — The micro case
DNA-as-information, Part 3 — The scientific/historical case
Genetic Algorithms and Intelligent Design — An Argument by Analogy

The articles are a response to this article by Bob Seidensticker, member of the Seattle Atheists and author of “Cross Examined: An unconventional spiritual journey,” where he argued for the opposite position. After a back-and-forth exchange in the comment section of another blog and an incredibly brief comment here, our interaction ceased. I did, however, follow it up this series with another series responding in part to Seidensticker’s atheistic challenge:

25 Barriers to Belief in God, Part 1
25 Barriers to Belief in God, Part 2