The Bible, Minus Cucks, Removes God

In our society a woman (who initiates divorces ~60-70% of the time) can take you to court and win alimony and child support for any, no-fault cause whatsoever. The purported goal of no-fault divorce is to protect against abuse of a wife. It does this, but at a heavy cost to husbands. Fathers are abused by their ex-wives and the courts at a much higher rate than women are protected from abuse. Children also pay this cost.

Men who sign up and fall for this are called cucks.[1] Over at the Entropy is My God blog, the author has started a writing series (via Boxer) on un-cucking the Bible. This caught my attention, if nothing else, for its (apparent) flagrantly sacrilegious nature.

In the Roman Catholic tradition, God owes Mary a debt for the privilege of using her womb. As held by tradition, the three persons of the Trinity eagerly awaited to hear what Mary’s decision would be regarding having Jesus in her womb. Would Mary allow it to happen?

“Hail, hail! mother and handmaid of God. Hail, hail! thou to whom the great Creditor of all is a debtor. We are all debtors to God, but to thee He is Himself indebted.” (Methodius, Oration Concerning Simeon and Anna, ch. 10, ca. 300)”

The Roman Catholic Church approved the veneration of the Apparitions of Mary in La Laus, France in 2008. This is significant because of what the church formally approved. Benoite Rencurel saw visions of Mary from 1664 to 1717. The church initially resisted her. In speaking to the Pope, she defended herself by stating (emphasis added):

“Sire, although you command God each morning and make Him come down to the altar by the power you received when you became a priest, you have no commands to give His holy Mother, who does as She pleases here.”

Dalrock argues that Christianity has been cucked by courtly love. He describes it this way: male leadership in church, home, and work is submitting to whatever she wants and to dutifully take the blame when she isn’t happy.

According to Roman Catholicism, a woman, not Jesus, is the greatest human ever.[2] God himself is cucked by Mary, forced to submit to her will. Thus, removing cucks from the Bible removes God.[3]

[1] This is short for cuckhold, the husband of an unfaithful wife.

[2] Blasphemy indeed.

[3] Christians (Protestants) need not apply. This is for Roman Catholics only.

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